Safe Surgery SA has been providing research support to investigators since its inception. To view our research support offering, please click here

We administer the African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) and have developed the APON platform for collaborators, including SAPORG members, to engage. 

Research publications in high impact scientific scientific journals have established the APORG as an important contributor to the evidence on the safety and quality of peri-operative care in African LMICs.

Current Studies

Proof-of-concept study to demonstrate feasibility and utility of surgical indicators for inclusion in the South African National Department of Health’s National Indicator Data Sets (NIDS)

The study will enable the establishment of a surgical care programme for South Africa, with the Directorates for Hospital Services as programme managers using surgical indicators in collaboration with clinicians and managers at site level to allocate surgical resources appropriately and improve the quality of surgical care to the South African population.

Enhancing a Digital Health Platform to Improve Patient Engagement for Perioperative Information Exchange with Clinical Service Providers

The primary aim is to determine the factors influencing the implementation of a digital heath tool to capture PROMs. The primary objective is to gather information through patient interviews using Human Centred Design and User Experience research principles, focusing on how patients wouldreport PROMs. The secondary objective is to gather information from clinician focus groups regarding how PROMs could be used in a digital health ecosystem to improve quality of care.

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