Safe Surgery SA

Safe Surgery SA Board of Directors

Hyla Kluyts

Executive Director

Bruce Biccard

Research Director

Natalie Zimmelman


Phillip Webster


Kelly Chennells


Safe Surgery SA Employees

Hanél Duvenage

Research and Development Assistant


Safe Surgery SA is a research-driven non-profit organisation enabling the use of data related to perioperative care to empower clinicians in providing affordable quality services in optimal settings. We do this by providing research support, promoting access to relevant data, and seeking collaborative partnerships.


ANSA (Anaesthesia Network for South Africa) was registered as a non-profit company in March 2014. The name was changed to Safe Surgery SA in April 2016 to be more inclusive of all perioperative clinical disciplines.

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of Safe Surgery SA is to enhance the role of perioperative clinicians in health information exchange to promote safe perioperative care.

Furthermore, the objectives of Safe Surgery SA are to:

Promote, facilitate and implement through the design, provision of structural support in the form of data gathering platforms and related systems, by rendering support, embarking on projects and collaborations, through communications with stakeholders, issuing of reports including but not limited adverse event reports, and so forth, by providing and/or facilitating training, and by using the data for the purposes of, amongst other –

  • Undertaking- and use of collaborative research
  • The development, maintenance and use of databases on facility resources
  • Perioperative information exchange between clinicians and patients
  • The development, maintenance and use of national clinical databases
More information

To read a summary page about Safe Surgery SA, please click here.

Information about our certifications and registrations are available here.